Globalization seems to be in crisis. Governments simply cannot find the right recipe for the increasing demand for labor in favor of trade and business. Why else does free world trade propagate the unrestricted mobility of goods, but limits are placed on the migration of labor? And this to the chagrin of people who want to work but are not allowed to. As a consequence, the shadow economy flourishes, forcing men and women to flee, live and work under precarious circumstances. Based on these questions and contradictions, we travel to Spain and Senegal. We trace the causes of migration, which also has to do with rich countries exploiting poor countries. And tell of migrants and communities that benefit from globalization in the competition for work, but also suffer from it.

Various protagonists of David Syz's first four films have their say and explain how the problems and challenges have been solved, changed or worsened.

Idea David Syz
Director Heikko Böhm
DOP Simon Usteri
Authors David Syz & Heikko Böhm
Editor Felix Balke
Sound Design Simon Usteri, Don Yost, Eyner Callupe Aguilar, Euma Fall, Alex Marais, Carlos Fernàndez Tablada

Sound Mastering, Mix, Mastering Tom Wenger, Renzo D’Alberto, Tonstudio Z
Colorgrading Timo Inderfurth, Cinegrell
Grafik Saskia Haller von Hallerstein

Production Manager Moira Daviet
Post Production Alexa Meyer

Production ecodocs ag and DOCMINE Productions AG
Producers David Syz, Patrick Müller

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