David Syz



Despite the fact that the globalization process in the economy is of the highest importance for the future of our society, this subject still has not be given the priority it deserves on the world’s political agenda. Economic, ecologic and human rights issues have developed into global problems.

Are there global solutions? Are world politics able or willing to solve these problems on a worldwide basis? Or do they shy away from unpopular measures hoping that the most burning issues will be resolved by themselves?

But the government’s responsibility  is only one aspect, the other is that also the «man in the street» does not bother with this issue in a serious manner. Preconceived opinions and strong emotions characterize the superficial discussions about globalization on all levels.

So the goal of ecodocs ag is to make the hidden aspects of the global economy more visible, to try explain how the various issues are connected and even to hint at possible solutions. The doc-movies should be a contribution to raise the level of awareness and discussions about possible solutions in all layers of our society.