Globate Visual 


GLOBATE is the newest project of ecodocs. The aim of GLOBATE is to make globalisation understandable. Young people and young adults should be sensitised to the challenges of globalisation and encouraged to think and debate about it.

GLOBATE wants to encourage young people to think about globalisation and to exchange ideas about it. GLOBATE pursues this without a political agenda or international multinationals behind it, but because this dialogue is important. This is about the global future and therefore about those who will shape it: Youth.

With this in mind, GLOBATE creates thematic dossiers for school classes and teachers to discuss fact-based globalisation issues. Using a visual approach, content packages are provided containing films, clips, abstracts, worksheets and other content.

  • How much globalisation is in our clothes, in our food, in our culture, in our politics, in our values?
  • What are the benefits and problems?
  • Who are the losers and who are the winners?

GLOBATE offers a balanced basis for networked dialogue, with films as an introduction, visually presented information such as graphics and animations to deepen the knowledge, as well as the goal of debate and exchange between experts and the younger generation.

Events with school classes or for a public, interested audience are organised periodically, currently in German-speaking Switzerland and southern Germany.

GLOBATE was initiated by ecodocs and is promoted in cooperation with DOCMINE Productions AG  (, Dok.fest Munich ( and other partners.


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